Get Ready for the Sur-Ron Booom Bee to Challenge Zero

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    A Killer Electric Motorcycle​

    We’ve discussed You must be registered for see links, but now it seems that the company has a new motorcycle coming that will be more powerful and probably have more impressive stats all around. The rumors are that Sur Ron’s new bike will challenge Zero Motorcycles.

    The Booom Bee was recently caught testing by You must be registered for see links. The video was posted to the publication’s Facebook page. It shows the Booom Bee shooting around a motocross course like nobody’s business. You can hear the furious whir of the electric motor and drivetrain doing its thing. Check out the video below.

    The good news? It’s a full-size motorcycle with everything you would want. Built as a supermoto, as of yet, there isn’t much to be said about the model. Sur Ron did officially say the bike was coming at a later date after this video surfaced causing quite a buzz around the video and the bike. But the company didn’t volunteer any specific information.

    From what you can see in the photos and video that EVNerds captured, it seems that the bike has ABS, a bigger motor, and a larger battery than Sur Ron’s other models. EVNerds also shared some supposed leaked info that says there will be a 72-volt version and a 92-volt version. The top speed should be about 62 mph for the 72-volt version and 68 mph for the 92-volt version. This information has not been confirmed by Sur Ron.

    This is all good news for folks who want a Sur Ron that can do more. The bike should be a force to be reckoned with in the electric motorcycle market. However, that is yet to be seen. I can’t wait to see what the stats are on this motorcycle.

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